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We are one of Canada's fastest growing operator


There’s a reason why we’re the fastest growing parking management company in Canada. That’s because we’ve created one of the best parking ecosystems at the most affordable, client oriented and technologically advanced approaches of all time. Our team has over 50 years combined in parking expertise. From By-law’s to technological development we are growing at a rapid pace. It’s time for us to work together – See how we can help.


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Budget Parking Inc. is a leader in technologically advanced parking solutions. We’ve seen 100% percent growth since inception as a direct result of our trust and reputation. Budget’s core principle is to ensure maximized compliance and revenue at each facility we work with. Our superior operating platform has increased our clients compliance by 88% – 99% percent and profit by 60% - 100% percent.We hold the key to every properties potential – we’ll show you how.





Why we're the best.

We are always innovating new and creative solutions tailored for our clients. This ensures that every step of the way we have a product that works within our ecosystem. This allows us to continue to provide the right tools needed for our clients to analyze and review their facilities and to rely on us to do the job.


Automated Phone in and Online Registration system.

We’re in the millennium, and technology has evolved faster than some of us. We have systems that can be used online, or over the phone – we got you covered.


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Simple Commercial Registration System.

We have an easy to use app that is cloud based and can be implemented in less than 30 minutes. Now that’s simple.


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License Plate Recognition.

Need a convenient and reliable way to monitor and control parking access - Look no further.

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Leading Innovation in
Parking Management

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We service over 15 other operators in a “White Label” fashion, and have our services involved in over +375 location across Canada. There’s a reason why we’re called Budget – Parking. We make every solution cost efficient while maintaining professionalism at the highest standards.


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About Our Software

Resident Parking Management Software.

All our clients have benefited with our products, what’s even better is how their continuing to monetize on their parking revenues with the products we’ve provided. We’ve created the industries easiest, most efficient parking management system ever. Its time to get rid of the pen and paper, excel sheets, or notepads. Its time to use Tenant Parking Management.




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Solutions With Technology

Need a more customized solution?

We are firm believers in creating a solution that will work for your facility, even if it involves creating a brand new platform to get it up and running to your standards, our team is ready to ensure the success and targets you’ve been looking for.




Technology is always changing, so are we. We specialize in creating simple parking management solutions for our clients, hassle free. Our products and methods provide a continuous flow to success


Our Services

We offer supreme services to our clients. Our mission is to guarantee satisfaction for our customers and yours. We offer Enforcement 24/7, customer services, inquiries, evidence, and technical solutions. All are standard with our services at no cost.



With no startup costs, you’re already earning and saving starting on day one. With Budget Parking, we guarantee maximum revenue with our leading and innovative team. Generating income for you simply generate income for us. See the benefits

Enforcement solution

Where ever your property is, we offer the enforcement solution for you. Our officers are full uniformed and trained to the highest quality standards. Trained and supervised by the Municipality, and on the road to promise professional activity is met. Our enforcement solution is one of a kind with leading technology for your parking lot.