License Plate Recognition


About License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition 

We’ve developed our very own custom license plate recognition platform. With 20 years of photographic evidence from our parking enforcement approach for evidence keeping, we have been able to train and develop one of the best, efficient, license plate recognition engines to date with a self-learning algorithm. As time goes on, our system has a built in re-enforced learning algorithm that improves efficiency and accuracy on a daily basis.

Practical uses for license plate recognition are:

  • Fob-less/remote control access
  • Monitoring unauthorized vehicles
  • Monitoring staff
  • Assisted enforcement

And more.



About Points

Some Options Available:

  • No Startup Costs.
  • Software only packages.
  • API Packages
  • Camera and Software Packages
  • Full Turnkey solution


We tailor our products for our clients needs. There is nothing more practical than being able to work with a company that can quickly adjust and adapt to the challenges your property may bring to the table. Having this much power ensures we can stay ahead of any issue.