Resident Parking Management











Our platform is currently being used at over 100 locations across Canada. If you haven’t setup up an account with us, please Enquire.

Our Tenant Parking Management (TPM) is the easiest, and most efficient parking management platform for residents and commercial tenants ever built. We understand not everyone is Tech-Savvy. That’s why it took us months to study the behavior of individuals new to technology that have had no previous experience using a computer. We’ve made it simple to ensure that landlords and managers can easily use a more sophisticated system in managing their Resident/Commercial tenant parking.



·         No more paper records
·         No more uncontrolled Excel sheets
·         No more duplicate files that result in duplicate misinformation
·         No more searching where the file is.



Our platform allows you to build a smart, and convenient rapport with your resident/tenants by using our built in phone system, and chat platform. All Included with our cloud-based application. And of course, high end custom encryption platform, we understand how important information needs to be secured.


There are over 10 features available


All features are functional, simple and effective. If you have any questions please enquire below. We are more than happy to setup a demo in roughly 10 minutes for you.



·         Direct SMS chatting platform
·         Direct phone merging platform, if you or your staff need to get somewhere, our platform will merge the call immediately
·         Manage monthly parking revenues
·         Monitor any erratic parking changes
·         Advertise non used spaces for monthly and weekly parking with one easy button!
·         Change, Transfer, Add, Delete any information with a few simple clicks
·         Easy and light to use
·         Cloud based
·         Information even without our software can be used in Live/Realtime enforcement systems for 3rd party enforcement or your own in house security
·         Most important – all data is active in Realtime!


There are so many features to list, but so easy to use. We ask you to Enquire below. We would love to setup you up for a demo. We promise it only takes 10 minutes to setup.